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Colour Design Center
Colour Design Center
Nippon Paint cherishes the beauty of colours in the world. We have never ceased to realise the influence and roles of every colour available on earth. Understanding that each colour has its own messages, the mother company in Japan formed the ‘Colour Design Centre’ in 1952 in order to communicate with colours as well as help to drive the client towards their goal in perfect colour works. Following the initiation in Japan, the Colour Studio in Europe emerged.
As a way to internationalise the potential in chemical industrial development and highlight the leadership of the company, the Colour Design Centre (Thailand) was launched in April 2005. With a collaboration of colour specialists, the centre sets to provide consultant which responds to colour and design need of Thai customers. With our high proficiency in paint, ideas of the designers will be translated and answered with colours that fit best into their proposition.
Nippon Paint Colour Design Centre is divided into two core sections:
1. Space Design Group
responding to the colouring need for building of all kinds, including housing and large buildings such as hotel, hospital and industrial premises. The colour specialist will roam deeply into factors affecting the shading of buildings by basing on the user’s requirements in functionality and aesthetic. Environmental conditions, customer’s satisfaction and current colour trends will also be taken into consideration.
2. Industrial Paint Colour Design Group
responding to the colouring need for industrial all kinds, including automotive, motorcycle, electric appliance and furniture. The Industrial Paint Colour Design Group studies, collect data from current social, popularity, fashion and technology then analyze and design colours for different industrial to add the product attraction.
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(Thailand: Bang Pakong & Phra Padaeng, respectively)