Nippon Paint
Colour Basic
Human perceive blue as the colour of the sea and the sky. Blue signifies honesty, security, reliability and dedication. With a special quality which makes human relax, peaceful and concentrate, blue is considered a spiritual colour. However, not all shades of blue calm people, for example, a highly vibrant blue may strongly arouse, excite or entertain, and could also irritate us sometimes.
Green dominates a wider space in the spectrum than other colours visible to human’s eyes. Green is typically perceived as a colour which signifies nature. The nature-like green freshens up and comforts human’s vision. With a balance in the combination of warm and cool colours (blue + yellow), green heals stress, weary and exhaustion. Green signifies peace and serene, as well as reflects some message about environment.
Yellow conveys enthusiasm, energy, distinction, optimism and happiness. Yellow stimulates mental functions, as well as awakes memories and creativity. Besides, the colour promotes an atmosphere which arouses the communication among people.
White is bright in its very own self. The colour hence represents light, pureness, clearness, cleanliness, as well as concentration. On the other hand, it might deliver a feeling of emptiness with an illusionary quality. White is therefore perfect when you wish a space looking wider.
Red is categorised as a warm colour. Red arouses, excites, stimulates and drives people. The degree of stimulation associates with the volume of red, which in turn is the indicator of appealability.
Orange creates certain impacts similar to those of red. Orange arouses human’s sensation and attracts interest. Light orange creates a warm ambience as well as refreshment as does some warm colour. Orange promotes sociability, straightforwardness and enthusiasm.
Purple is a mixing of red (stimulation) and blue (relaxation). Violet is therefore special. The impact it poses on human, either a sense of being enthusiastic or relaxing, depends mainly on the proportion of mixing. Whether the shade is of warm or cool colour, or how the personality of the colour would be like, it associates with the core base. Violet is basically inspiring, particularly in spiritual, intellectual and creative aspects.
Black is empty. Black represents darkness and mystery. Black signifies the power of mysterious charm. Black generates an illusion that the space is smaller than its actual size. As a companion, black also works wonder in boosting the beauty of its dual colour.