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Design Solution System
Design Solution System
In designing building’s shades, the Space Design Group carries out four stages as follows:
Step 1 Marketing Solution
studying the requirements of client, community and environs, as well as current and prospective premises.
Step 2 Design Solution
inventing and designing the directions of shades to be used.
Step 3 Materializing Solution
testing the shades in the laboratory for aberration to ensure a precise result.
Step 4 Communication Solution
envisaging the shading design with the use of computer graphic simulation software.
Nippon Paint
picture: Shading design procedures for building
Industrial Paint Design Concept
1. Marketing Survey
Analysis of factors influencing the consumers, such as social stream, fashion trend or observation of shades found popular in automobile show, furniture fair, etc. The team will gather every possible useful data and evaluate.
2. Identify Colour Trend
Summarise, evaluate and use these data as a guide in designing colours that tend to be popular or appealing in the future.
3. Design Attractive Paint
Proposed shades will be brought into creation by experienced colour designer who aims to create beautiful colours that appeal to consumers of each industry.
4. Presentation
Presentation of Colour Panel, together with a design concept of colours which tend to be popular in various industries in the future.