Nippon Paint
Advanced technology for the modernised Thai society
Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint (Thailand) has always recognised the importance of product technology. The company strongly emphasizes the quality of product and service by which we believe are the key contributors to our competitive advantage in international and domestic markets. Using intelligent and progressive technology, each of the manufacturing procedures is strictly inspected before delivery.

With the supportive technology from Nippon Paint (Japan) and the collaboration from USA and Europe, plus a guidance from NIPSEA Group, Nippon Paint (Thailand) is very well enriched with knowledge in product development, research, management and manufacturing intelligence. Working under one sole standard worldwide, clients could be rest assured of the product quality which continues to improve from time to time.

Being endorsed with ISO 9000 Quality Guarantee System by the Thailand Industria l Standard Institue (TISI), Nippon Paint (Thailand) has met the safety standard and accomplished a pinnacle of management efficiencies. Moreover, the company was certified with the TS 16949 Quality Management System for Automobile, as well as ISO 14000 for achieving the environmental protection standard.