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Environment Policy

The operation direction at Nippon Paint lies in the preservation of nature and environment. We believe our unique way of business direction shall definitely bring about a sustainable beauty for everyone in the society as a whole. This is achieved by the development of quality paints that utilise minimum resources from the nature, meanwhile posing minimum effects to the environment. To achieve the mission, the company and the employees will set the goal and allocate the environmental responsibilities to each party. Aiming at enhancement of natural beauty, the company uses a safe approach that minimises risk arising from chemical resources in order to save the environment. We have always tried our best in saving the earth and convincing the society we are living in that Nippon Paint is truly friendly to the environment.

We strictly follow the laws and regulations in Thailand and anywhere else Nippon Paint resides in. Engaging a modern innovation that suits the environment, we regularly emphasise in total safeness of chemical usage to promote the well-being and safety of the employees.

Nippon Paint (Thailand) is certified with ISO 14001 Environment Management System. This includes the Nippon Paint plant at Bang Pakong which received the ISO 14001 certification in December 2002.

QMS 2002           ISO 9001

Since then, the company has begun to promote activities concerning environmental preservation with the combination of environmental management system and strategic ecological conservation planning. Nippon Paint plant at Phra Padaeng is certified with ISO 9000 Quality Management System, and has recently been certified with the ISO 14001 International Standards on Environmental Management in 2008.