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Not only a seamless management which brings success to the company is focused, but the efficiency of employees’ operation is also undoubtedly another crucial element. Nippon Paint (Thailand) has the policy to develop, guide and train all employees to enhance their potential and productivity. Such developments are considered mutual responsibility and commitments of all parties like.

1. Employees
Employees are continuously required to get training or other skill developmentand willing to learn the new thing then apply them to improve their efficiency.

2. Superior
Superiors have to guide or coach their teams as well as support and encourage teams for development and prepare them for future career growth

3.Human Resource
This team shall intensively support all the efficiency development as well as this team develops new learning channels in training or exchanging knowledge so that the all, the company, superior and employees, take optimizing benefit from training and development in employee.

Additionally, the company has put a high importance in language skill with an allocation of annual budget in language development for the employees. The training and development of employees are conducted yearly, and every position will be trained differently. The company will carry out an annual performance appraisal and assign an appropriate training scheme for each employee. Job rotation and movements due to legal regulations are also taken into consideration.

Through the years, Nippon Paint (Thailand) has never ceased to abide by these directions to optimise our efficiencies. Support and encouragement are used to promote career progress, which will bring about the proficiencies of the company in return.