Nippon Paint
About Us

To challenge the approaching 21st century for the world with no boundary of technologies and commerce, Nippon Paint (Thailand) Co., Ltd has always secured the competitive edge through the lasted technology transfer and exchange from Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. (Japan), the NIPSEA Group and our affiliates in the USA and Europe.

Nippon Paint Technology

As the world becomes increasing by conscious on environmental issues, Nippon Paint (Thailand) stays up front to introduce to the market with environmental friendly products, from conventional solvent base paint to high solid type, power paint and water borne paint. Specialists and chemists in Thailand have continuously worked closely with experts of Technical Center of Nippon Paint (Japan) in developing paint products not only to specific needs but also with different added value to customer’s and products. Each year the company will provide customers with update technical information's, training and acts as a consultant of contemporary and future world colour trend, a sophisticated analysis from survey of specialists from Nippon Paint Color Center in U.S.A, Japan Including specific trend for Thailand from our in-house designers.

Technically well accepted in domestic market from government and private sectors, Nippon Paint (Thailand) has spred the wings to international market both directly through paint products export and indirectly through customer’s and products export e.g. vehicles, motorcycles, appliances, auto parts and aerosol paint. Nippon Paint (Thailand) is proud to lead paint industry to share with other several industries in bringing recognition of Thai products to the world society.