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Causes 1. Spray thin film thickness. 2. Mixing not homogeneous. 3. Using the thinner which evaporates too fast. 4. Miss mixing ratio using the spray paint which is low viscosity. 5. Polishing on color film not complete curing. 6. Spray base coat on primer not cpmplete curing. 7. Use primer poor quality an absorb gloss base coate. Prevention 1. Spraying should be control film thickness as company recommeneded. 2. Mixing well to homogeneous. 3. Select the Thinner which suits the temperature. 4. Adjust the viscosity of paint according to working environment. 5. Colour film completed curing and polishing. 6. Primer complete curing and spray base coat. 7. Use primer high quality for prevent an absorb gloss base coate. Solution 1. Colour film complete curing shoud be polishing by sand paper no. 1500-2000 and polishing by finish polishing cream. 2. In cause of low film thickenss or not improve by finish polishing cream shoud be polishing by sand paper no. 400 and re-spraying.