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Improper Wall Paint Washing
Stemming from the use of low-quality paint in which the film surface is rough in composition, the paint tends to have a spongy structure as it retains dust in the content. As certain stains, such as chemical pen or petrol, are hard to remove, low-quality wall paint or matte paint film should not be used because it offers less washable quality than glossy paint.  

Select appropriate paint, such as glossy epoxy paint which is durable and efficiently washable. Avoid water-based plastic paint. Use water-based paint that comes with a washable quality, such as semi-glossy acrylic paint. Leave the surface dry perfectly in order to optimise its washable quality.

In washing the paint film, mildly wipe clean with a piece of cloth or sponge. Avoid using sharp or rough material, such as scrub sponge, as it is destructive to paint film and can erode the film content. For stubborn stains, extreme washing may cause damage. Refinishing is recommended.