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Oil Paint Peeling/Flaking
Oil Paint Peeling/Flaking
Oil Paint Peeling and Flaking
Major causes of peeling and flaking include painting on dirty or soapy surface. Painting on surface with low adhesive quality, high moisture or improper wood drying can initiate the expansion or contraction of wood, which in turn causes the peeling of oil paint. Other possible causes involve using low-quality oil paint that has low adhesion, avoidance to prepare the surface with primer and improper use of paint. For example, matte oil paint is not suitable for exterior surface as outdoor wood tends to expand or contract easily while matte oil paint film is stiff and low in elongation. Peeling hence exists more with the use of matte oil paint.

Other critical causes include using improper paint which does not match well with the alkali conditions of plaster, using expired paint or low-quality wall putty, such as gypsum or white clay filler.


General appearance is the peeling or flaking of paint on either one or all coat. Peels or flakes can be pulled or tore easily with bare hands.


Scrape the area down to original substrate. Remove chalks, flakes, old putty, dust, dirt and grease from old paint. Sand overall surface, leave dry and refinish.