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Colour Difference
Colour Difference
Colour Difference

Causes from paint
1.Using inappropriate thinner
2.Insufficient stirring
3.Expired paint

1.Use only the recommended thinners for mixing to the particular paint
to ensure the compounds are dissolved homogeneously. Do not 
use general purpose thinner as it is not designed for the specific paint usage.
2.Stir the paint mixture in longer time at consistency of blending force.
Make sure the mixture is homogeneously blended before use.
3.Do not use any expired paint as its mixture is not stayed homogeneously

Causes from spray application
1.Low film thickness
2.Using various types of spray gun or system
3.Change of painting condition - such as adjustment of air pressure or nozzle

1.To achieve the film build thickness, apply multilayer thin and even coverage spray.
2.Use only the same spray gun for the whole jobs.
In case a change of spray gun or spray system is needed, painting condition must be the same.
3.The new paint condition has to be set until the new color shade is simulated to the same as standard panel.