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Poping/Pin Hole
Poping/Pin Hole
Poping, Pin Hole
1.Too high viscosity of spray application.
2.Using too fast-evaporating thinner
3.Excessive sprays in one application.
4.Inadequate setting time
5.Temperature of the object is too high.
6.Temperature in the spray booth is too high.
7.Oven temperature is not consistency throughout the whole area of oven. Some spot might be much higher than the others.

1.Add solvent to reduce the viscosity as suggested by paint specifications.
2.Avoid choosing a general purpose thinner. To use only the recommended Thinner.
3.Spray thin and even coverage and repeat it in same direction for 2-3 times. Avoid spraying the excessively heavy coating.
4.General setting time is approximately 10 minutes.
5.Temperature of the object should not be higher than 35°C
6.Temperature of the spray booth should not be higher than 30°C
7.Confirm the airflowing system of oven ventilation is correct
    - Regularly check the system and calibrate all the measuring gauges