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1.Too low viscosity of spray application
2.Using too slow-evaporating thinner
3.Too thick and/or uneven paint film
4.Distance between spray gun and surface is too close or air pressure level is too low
5.Temperature control of paintng room is too low

1.Add paint compounds to achieve the viscosity suggested by specifications.
Adjust the painting condition according to the requirements.
2.If the proper thinner is used, the cap of the thinner container may not be fully closed and some thinner mixture is evaporated.
    - Avoid using thinner that is not recommended by paint instructions as the compounds may not match the paint used.
3.Move the spray gun in consistency straight lines and remain at the same angles and distance from the surface with constant air spray pressure.
4.Keep the distance between spray gun and surface in 1 foot. Move the gun slower and adjust the air pressure to the correct level.
5.Temperature of the spray room should not be lower than 23°C