Nippon Paint
PYLAC 1000
With shades and types of colours
invented specifically for vehicles,
the coat is perfect for coating and
refinishing of motorcycle and
bicycle of all kinds. User friendly,
fast, economical, beautiful
and durable.
PYLAC 1000
Characteristics and features
- Excellent for general uses,
this coat prevents the surface from
rust and is durable against heat.
Fast-drying, lasting, vibrant, highly
adhesive on both wood and
metal surfaces. Available in various
shades to suit different appliances,
such as furniture, fan, refridgerator,
wooden or steel cabinet, etc.
Surface cleaning is required.
- PYLAC 1000 is a black coat,
which can resist heat for up to 600c.
Specifically invented for works which
requires high resistance to heat,
such as on exhaust pipe, etc.