Nippon Paint
Coil Coating

Once the stage of roller paint coating is applied on steel or metal sheets, then it will be cut and formed into consumer products. Paint products are designed to serve with manufacturing requirements in terms of quality, durability, color shade, appearance and cost levels in various industry. Nippon Paint’s Coil Coating product line is divided into three series: 

1). Superlac DIF Series is suitable for applying on both interior and exterior product uses as the economic price is the key concern. The specific characteristic is solid paint and ideal for galvanized metal roofing, etc. Coil Coating paint in this series is designed to provide high adhesion, and can be used without Primer coating. Besides, the product series is highly resistant to UV rays, so it serves well with roof, wall, fence and etc.

2). Supercoat Series suits for exterior works that require extra durability and beauty than the first product series, as it offers higher resistance to air pollution and UV rays, as well as a variety of color shades. Application of Primer is recommended to obtain the highly smooth and glossy finishes.

3). Superblend Series is perfect for coating works that need high flexibility of paint film as transformation of coated steel involves bending or curving of surface, such T-Bar. The substrate of this product demands high corrosion resistance. Primer coating is therefore required to enhance the adhesion.

Coil  Coating