Nippon Paint
Curtain Coating
Nowadays, Curtain Coating has efficiently replaced Roller Coating and other coating systems, which were once a significant steel plate coating process taking place before further transformation. With our understanding in clients’ demand, Nippon Paint designed and developed paint products specifically for Curtain Coating. This liquid paint has ideal viscosity and surface tension that deliver consistent and smooth distribution of paint while not causing cracks on surface. The paint can be used well with steel surface as it perfectly gives constant thickness throughout the plate.
The “Superflow Series” was designed with the Curtain Coating technology. The product combines efficient adhesive quality with high resistance to acid or alkali, while also delivers beautiful shade, gloss and radiant finish in a way that looks more vivid than other coating systems. The product suits best with the Pre-coated Metal Sheet (PCM), which is popular among high-end product manufacturing.
Curtain Coating