Nippon Paint
Powder Paint

With the world’s advanced technology, Powder Paint was designed as an option for Oil Paint which has organic solvent as a major dissolvent. Compounds of Power Paint are mixed and blended together with heat before being grinded into instant powder paint of various quality and shades. This way, the use of solvent, which contains VOCs as dissolvent, is eliminated. Besides, thinner can be avoided when spray coating is omitted. After the application, Powder Paint will be transformed into paint film during baking process.   

In addition to an advantage in being environmental friendly, Nippon Paint’s Powder Paint was invented with specific features that answer the demands for transformation or functionality of objects. For example, paint film will be highly flexible and able to coat in porous holes more thoroughly. The film will finish off thin and smooth with no appearance of orange peels. Nippon Paint’s powder paint offers a variety of shades that enhance attraction for the objects. Above all, Powder Paint reduces the cost of loss occurred from spray coating using liquid paint because dispersed powder paint can be reused.

Powder Paint