Nippon Paint
Wood Coating

Wood remains one of the most favourite materials for home lovers of all time. Nippon Paint recognised the love of wood and invented the “CELLULAC” wood coating to prolong the durability of wood. The product category includes Enamel and Wood Stain which suit well with all kinds of woodworks, ranging from wooden furniture to wooden frame and etc. 

Woodworks are great in variety, Nippon Paint offers two wood coating systems for both Enamel and Wood Stain types as follows:

1. Amino System (Acid Catalyst Curing or Urea – Melamine Formaldehyde) suits for woodworks that do not require resistance to harsh climate conditions, such as sunlight and rains. The paint is resistant to chemical substances, and best for objects with slight curves that require thicker coat than general lacquers. 

2. 2K Polyurethane (2K PU) produces less odour than the Acid Catalyst system. The coat has higher resistance to chemical substances and water than the Acid Catalyst system. The product can fill all cracks in wood surface. Best for woodworks that demand high durability and visibility of natural texture, such as wooden furniture.

Wood Coating