Nippon Paint
Base Coat/Top Coat

Generally, motorcycle parts consist of components inside and outside of the motorcycle body. While outer components, which are mainly made of ABS Plastic, demand coating that provides high durability and impressive finishing, leading manufacturers found that inner components suit best with CED Paint. The CED coating not only finishes within one step of immersion, but it also offers better rust resistance and helps to save time and production cost.    
Outer components require beauty, durability and environmental friendly attributes. Besides concentrating in the characteristics of paint products and manufacturing procedures that differ among each manufacturer of motorcycle and motorcycle parts, Nippon Paint invented the 3-level Solid Content. Paint with high Solid Content uses low amount of Solvent, which helps to reduce the VOCs and loss from spraying process. This way, the duplication of spray application is decreased, while the quality of base coat is still preserved.
Nippon Paint’s 3-level Solid Content category includes:
1. Hi Solid: “Specialcoat Series”
2. Medium Solid: “Polycoat Series”
3. Low Solid: “Plasticoat Series”

In the 3 Series product line comes with high adhesive quality, each can be used directly on surface that has already been prepared without the need of primer. In case the Metallic Base Coat is used, application of Top Coat Clear is necessary as it helps protect from pollution and enhance durability.
Should the users aim to boost the ability in protecting the object from pollution, climate conditions and UV rays, as well as enhancing the radiance of the surface, Top Coat Clear is an ideal option as it accentuates the beauty of Base Coat. Alternatively, the Top Coat Clear Candy can be used to add attractive hues to the object.

Base Coat/Top Coat